tołpa peat

tołpa.® peat

nature takes time to create something great out of small things. This is how peat is created - a natural source of beneficial ingredients for your skin.

Peat is a peloid, a natural organo-mineral formation, formed as a result of geological processes with the participation of water and microorganisms. Approximately 0.5-1 millimetre of peat is formed during one year.

pelos = mud

We are the only ones who obtain from peat an extract that contains valuable acids, micro- and macroelements. We call it tołpa® peat.

This unique ingredient in our cosmetic products strengthens immunity, accelerates regeneration and improves the skin’s condition. It is a mine of ingredients that improve the functioning and appearance of the skin. It supports the immune system, protecting the skin against external and internal factors.

One may ask, how the earth can it work well on the skin? During the extraction process, we have made sure that only the most important elements for the skin were obtained from peat. Only we do it this way. tołpa® peat is a whole lot of organic compounds such as fulvic acids, phenolic acids, amino acids, sugars or peptides, which serve to regenerate, strengthen, protect and cherish. Each of them improves the condition of the skin in a different way. For example, phenolic acids strengthen the skin’s immune system, fulvic acids are great antioxidants, and amino acids seal in NMF (the natural moisturising factor of the skin), thus improving the skin's level of hydration.

tołpa® peat is also a good source of minerals. It contains a whole range of macro and microelements: zinc, magnesium, potassium, manganese, selenium and sodium. Each of them works in a specific, particular way, but in the group they complement the skin’s mineral balance, positively affecting the metabolic processes occurring in it.

tołpa® peat is also a very good antioxidant. It’s a weapon in the fight against insidious free radicals.

To sum up, we add tołpa® peat to our cosmetics because it is a natural and biologically active raw material. It is well tolerated by sensitive skin. It makes the skin much less prone to irritation and more resistant to external factors. Stimulates cell renewal processes, strengthens the skin’s structure, protects it from drying and tendency for irritation.

tołpa.® peat:

  • immunomodulating
  • regenerating
  • protective
  • antioxidant
  • bacteriostatic
  • nourishing
  • moisturising
tołpa mud

tołpa.® mud

peat mud is a type of peat. It is considered a distant relative of the Dead Sea salt mud and volcanic mud from Iceland. Its cosmetic properties were long ago appreciated by Cleopatra, and its healing properties were well known to the ancient Greeks. Renaissance medics praised the mud as quintessential.

peat mud = therapeutic peat

tołpa® peat mud is a purified form of aqueous extract. It takes up to 7 days before it gets to our cosmetic products. That’s how long our patented extraction process lasts. However, it is worth the wait, because it is prepared to be user-friendly, and also safe, because it is free of heavy metal content.

tołpa® peat mud is a form of natural wellness. It reduces discomfort resulting from overload, fatigue and stress, supports the epidermis regeneration process, detoxifies, fights free radicals and cares for the skin. It is most often used in treatments that reduce extra centimetres, cellulite and stretch marks, because it stimulates metabolism and improves circulation, which provides cells with more oxygen and nutrients.

We have checked the effectiveness and safety of tołpa® mud in many clinical studies. So we know that it is a good support in therapies for degenerative joint syndromes, post-traumatic and overload conditions and pain disorders. It works well for athletes, both professionals and amateurs, because it accelerates biological regeneration.

On the one hand, humic acids present in the extract have anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties, and on the other hand they have a perfect effect on the skin. They prevent, for example, loss of skin elasticity and ensure good hydration. These compounds are also invaluable in detoxification. They remove toxins, cleanse the skin and increase the absorption of other active ingredients. But tołpa® peat mud is not only for health and wellness. It has also anti-cellulite, slimming, firming, elasticising, regenerating, protective and moisturising effects confirmed by research.

tołpa.® peat mud is:

  • bactericidal
  • bacteriostatic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • detoxifying
  • moisturising