we know that what we put on our skin every day is important.

When we say, “small great care”, we think about everyday, minor, but well-thought-out activities, because we believe that the sum of little things brings a grand result. This also refers to care.

We believe that the most important thing when buying is to be aware of all the pros and cons. That’s why we want to speak and like speaking plainly about ourselves. That’s why we try to use only the ingredients that are really necessary in our cosmetics. And the ingredients that work effectively, which has been proven in objective studies.

Our dermocosmetics are also tested instrumentally for allergies at the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology of Wrocław Medical University. This ensures that they’re suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin.


We like:

- tołpa® multi-plant peat because it’s a powerful antioxidant. It naturally strengthens and protects sensitive skin. And it’s our unique ingredient, the one and only in the world..

- plant-derived active ingredients, because we believe in the effectiveness of nature which has intimidated us with its power more than once.

- natural colours, because we don’t like to add colour where it’s not necessary.

- physiological pH, because we respect the natural mechanisms of the skin and don’t want to disturb them.


We listen:

You tell us that you don’t like, among other things, parabens, artificial colourants, silicones and paraffin oil. We remember that.

Thanks to constant contact with you and the fact that you willingly share your opinions on our cosmetics, care, and what’s important to you (combined with our knowledge) – we can take a step forward every day. By listening to you, we also learn what you expect from care, what cosmetics you like best and what ingredients you dislike and prefer to avoid. What you say is always important to us, we take it to heart, so we don't use:

- parabens,
- artificial colourants,
- silicones,
- paraffin oil,
- SLS.

We want our cosmetics to be not only effective but also skin-friendly. We use mild foaming agents and have replaced synthetic emulsifiers such as PEGs with natural ones, e.g. cetearyl alcohol, which additionally forms a protective layer on the epidermal surface, preventing water loss.

We love:

Animals. This is why we do not test and have never tested our cosmetics on animals. Because the tester's opinion is important to us. Therefore, all the tests are performed during voluntary application and instrumental studies. Then we are sure that the cosmetic is not only effective, but also pleasant to use.

The rabbit symbol on the packaging was intended to clearly communicate that the cosmetic was not tested on animals. And it was right. Because it's unethical. But today this sign is out of date. In September 2004, animal testing of finished cosmetic products was completely banned. It’s simply forbidden.

Since 11 March 2009, further tests have been banned — on cosmetic ingredients, and since 11 March 2013 a total ban has been effective in the European Union. Regulations prohibit both the import and sale of cosmetics and ingredients tested on animals.


we don't want to pretend that we're perfect.
We continue to develop ourselves thanks to you.
And this is very important to us.