why choose tołpa

why choose tołpa

the tołpa dermo face range of skin care treatments are designed to address specific skincare concerns such as blemishes, acne, rosacea, oiliness and dehydration. tołpa lands in the ‘sweet spot’ between the natural and the scientific. The results are formulations that are highly efficacious, with active ingredients blended at the optimum potency to deliver tangible results without irritation. This is all achieved whilst delivering product textures that are formulated for comfort, with appealing fragrances, cooling effects and tone-evening benefits.

Unique natural ingredients:

  • - tołpa® peat
  • - Clean active ingredients standardised for acting molecule content
  • - Tested to the highest dermatological standard
  • - Leading in beauty trends

Tested and trialled under dermatologist-supervised conditions, on those with some of the severest acne, tołpa is delivering stand-out results with significant visible improvements in spot lesions and visible scaring.

ps when we say “little, great care”, we think about everyday, minor activities, because we believe that the sum of small things provides a big effect.