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we add peat extract to our cosmetics. This is because it's an unprecedented solution and a challenge at the same time. We perform peat extraction using our patented method to obtain the pure essences of the active substances. We call it tołpa.® peat.
When creating body cosmetics, we thought about how to use tołpa.® peloid. We want to keep the body young and in good shape, and the skin moisturised, firm, supple and cellulite-free for a longer time.



dermo face lipidrio. nourishing regenerating day cream:

our skin works day and night. If we want to give it some time off, we need to provide it with adequate nourishment and protection. this cream intensively nourishes, regenerates and smooths the skin.

● moisturises for 24 hours
● reduces transepidermal water loss by 44%
● improves skin elasticity by 18%, contains tołpa.® peat

dermo face lipidrio
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dermo face sebio+ face wash gel with 2 acids:

imperfections can happen to anyone, regardless of skin type. They can be very persistent and reappear in the same areas (chin, forehead, temples), we have to take firm action and support the skin in this struggle. Our wash gel contains two acids: AHA + LHA, deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the oligosaccharides skin, as well as calms acne prone skin and fights the imperfections even at the first stage of their formation.

● deeply cleanses and gentlyexfoliates the skin
● unclogs pores
● contains tołpa.® peat

Dermo face sebio+
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